Breakfast Cocktails

Breakfast Cocktails

Bloody Mary

Broken Shed vodka, house spiced tomato juice, celery, bacon salt rim GF

Gin and Raspberry

Gin, Chambord, raspberry, mint, lime V


Prosecco, orange juice VG, GF

Breakfast Martini

Broken Shed Vodka, Rose Rabbit liqueur, lemon juice, marmalade VG, GF

Fresh Juices | Smoothies

Fresh Juices | Smoothies

Grapefruit and Lime
Carrot, orange, turmeric, ginger juice
Apple, ginger and beetroot
Green Smoothie

spinach, avocado, apple, banana, honey, coconut water V, VGA, GF, DF

Chocolate Smoothie

Cacao, banana, honey, maca, milk

Acai Smoothie

Mixed berries, banana, honey and almond milk

Waffles | Pancakes

Waffles | Pancakes


Blueberry, chocolate, mascarpone, maple syrup V


caramelised banana, bacon, coconut yoghurt, maple syrup, coconut VA


granola, pear, pecan, coconot yoghurt, blueberry gel and honey



Eggs benedict
$24/ $26 / $23

spinach, zesty hollandaise, potato & leek cakes with:

bacon GF, VGA
smoked salmon GF, VGA
mushroom GF, V, VGA

Mushrooms on Toast
$24 / $27

Crumbed egg, avocado mousse, feta, sourdough V, VG, GFA, DFA


with bacon

Croque Madame

Brioche, cheese, prosciutto, fried egg, green salad

Avocado on Toast
$22 / $25

tomato relish, poached eggs, feta, dukkah, sourdough

with bacon

Turkish Eggs

Baked beans, bacon, fried egg, feta, hummus, sourdough

Brunch Favourites

Brunch Favourites

Miro breakfast board

porridge, granola, pear, pecan, coconut yoghurt, blueberry gel and honey
avocado on toast
choice of smoothie or fresh juice

Beef cheek

potato and leek cake, gremolata, shallot jam, pickled kohlrabi

Lunch favorites

Lunch favorites

Mince on toast

chive sour cream, poached egg, pickled red chilli, Parmesan, sourdough


mushroom, Parmesan, crumbed egg VA, VGA, DFA, GFA

Potato and leek soup

Welsh rarebit, truffle creme fraiche, bacon, parsley

Miro burger

Cheese, lettuce, pickles, burger sauce, chips

Fish and chips

mushy peas, tartare sauce