Our Other Bars & Accommodation

Try Eliza's Manor for 5-star accommodation or Mr Wolf for champagne and hot dogs.

Eliza’s Manor Hotel

Located on the tranquil Bealey Avenue, Eliza’s Manor is a historic luxury lodge hidden in plain sight, just a stone’s throw from Christchurch’s green center, Hagley Park. Inside, the richly patterned carpets, gilded artworks, and lush potted plants create a visual delight. The kauri staircase is a breathtaking feature, leading to eight rooms, each with its own unique personality.

Eliza’s offers a top-notch dining experience. They present a Canterbury-based tasting menu for dinner, with vegetarian and vegan options available. Unlike typical accommodations, at Eliza’s Manor, you’ll be tempted to stay in and relish every inch of this enchanting space.

Mr. Wolf Bar

Mr. Wolf, the latest boutique champagne, cocktail, and gourmet hotdog bar, can be found on Colombo Street in the city center. They take pride in providing a modern and intimate dining experience that stands out from the rest. The bar’s decor is filled with colorful armchairs, booths, and dramatic drapes, all set against a neutral backdrop with neon signs adding a pop of excitement.

With a menu like no other, they offer high-end hotdogs, creative bar snacks, and even a world-class selection of caviar. The bar also boasts a selection of premium Champagnes and sparkling Rosé for those looking for something bubbly. Their cocktails, especially the signature Martinis, are among the best in Christchurch and sure to leave you wanting more.